NU Fertility is one of the premier infertility clinics of India offering Fertility Solution for both male and female patients. Equipped with modern cutting-edge technology, NU Fertility has the necessary set up to execute all the clinical procedures that are required to offer the patients the best Fertility Treatment in Bangalore, India.

Our Services include IUI, IVF( In Vitro Fertilization ), IVM, ICSI, Blastocyst transfer, Frozen embryo transfer, Egg/sperm/embryo freezing as well as complex Fertility Enhancing Surgeries Our Team of experienced Fertility Doctors make sure that you get the best treatment available.

Male Infertility treatment in Bangalore We are also known to offer quality Male Infertility treatment in Bangalore which includes Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, Low Sperm Count Treatment etc. Also, we offer Surgical Solution to Male Infertility issues that includes Penile Curvature Correction, Buried Penis Surgery, Penile implant surgery, Vasectomy Surgery, Vasectomy reversal surgery etc.Our sole aim is to bring a smile to people by helping them achieve their dream to become a proud parent.

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